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India UFO: Indian Jet-fighter Shot down a Strange Balloon

A new viral video, recorded from a local news channel, reports a UFO shot down by an Indian fighter jet as it set off a radar alert.

According to the news channel, a “balloon-shaped” object was struck down by the Indian Air Force’s Su-30 when it invade country’s airspace near Pak-India border.

Defence minister Manohar Parrikar explained that radars had picked up a shiny flying object entering Indian airspace.

As a quick reaction, a fighter jet was directed to intercept it and take it down. The massive explosion of the air strike was heard as far as 10 kilometres.

Government sources are projecting that the unidentified flying object contained a bomb, however, the debris of the UFO didn’t show any such evidence, apart from the 5 solid metal triangles that were recovered, which further mystified what it could be.

The official investigation is still under progress.

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