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Guy Bumps his Face Into a Transparent Glass Door, BAM!

The new viral video, caught from the eye of a CCTV camera, shows a guy get floored after hitting his face on a transparent door.

This clubber wasn’t really awake to the world around him when he walked straight into the glass door and smashed his face.

CCTV footage the clubber heading for the party in Bolton nightclub, which is located on Mawdsley Street, but the excessive layer of his slapstick clothing covered his face prevented him from seeing what’s coming.

Luckily, bouncers got his back and helped him up. That night passed away with no other bad incident, however, the Staff at the nightclub, shared the short clip on their Facebook page which received over 100,000 views.

It did surely hurt, but it also made him famous on Facebook, as the video hit the viral spot.

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