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Angry Cyclist Bombards a Women Driver Until She Says Sorry

A new video showing a cyclist arguing with a female driver who overtook him from a distance too close has gone viral on the internet.

Recorded from the eye of the cyclist’s helmet-mounted camera, the footage captures the tough debate that took place between them.

The viral clip begins with the cyclist on his way, when a car with its indicator on, overtook the cyclist turning left into a Lidl car park.

The cyclist wasn’t going to let it go, he following the car and confronted the driver, who was a woman and told her that she made a mistake.

At first, the woman did not yield, but after he told her that he has recorded everything on his came, including her car’s registration number and he would report it to the police, the woman felt alarmed.

She began to apologise and they parted ways after the cyclist had few more things to say.

The video was shared on Idiot UK Drivers Exposed Facebook where commentators shared different reviews.

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