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Donkey Goes Viral After Taking a Leap of Fame

Are you mesmerized by horse racing and wild mustangs? Well, if horses impress you because they can jump high over horizontal bars, this donkey is not standing back.

The 14-year-old Egyptian farmer, Ahmed Ayman made headlines over all type of weird blogs when he rode his donkey to jump over a barrier in Al-Arid, near Cairo.

For Ayman, his donkey is like a buddy, they train together, ride together and live together. He made a wooden barrier on which he taught the donkey to jump.

They practiced their daily jump training every day before making the final leap that made people go WOW, How’s that happening!!!?

The thing is that donkeys are very stubborn and hard to train, but Egypt is home to livestock donkeys which makes a great part of their daily routine.

So in short galloping donkeys is an animals to be reckoned with respect… you can’t just go airborne with a DONKEY!

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