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Bizarre Two-headed Cow was Born Alive

A farmer from China was shocked to get a surprise delivery, a two-headed cow that was born alive.

When the calf was coming out, the Gan Yuanhua saw two heads and thought they were twins, turns out it was a two-headed calf.

Local vet said that the twin-headed cow is a mutant, creatures born with a birth defect due to a mutant or altered genes that results in malformation of body structures.

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The calf only lived to see the light and died soon. The incident took place at Shaijin Village in Linshui County, in China’s Sichuan Province.

According to the farmer, the cow shuffling around and making odd noises in the shed and he knew she was about to give birth. Watching the two head emerge, he thought of twins, but later realized it was a mutant.

Xu Kaiwen, verified the case of mutation.

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