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100-ft Wide Astroid Might Hit Earth According to NASA

An asteroid named 2013 TX68, might be on the collision course with Earth, the 100ft-wide rock is packing enough power that can match a nuclear bomb.

NASA says that there is a risk the 100-ft wide asteroid would impact the Earth. The aerospace agency is usually very quick to deny such rumors, so when it says there is “a chance” it already said a lot about what might happen.

But don’t get it on your nerves, even though there is a chance the asteroid might impact the Earth, those chances are “no more than 1-in-250-million”.

So when the huge rock finally arrives on September 28, 2017, there’s a great possibility it might not hit the Earth and fly past us, shutting down the conspiracists.

So the odds are small, however, if it does explode in our atmosphere, it will be as powerful as a nuclear bomb, which could completely destroy the impacted area.

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