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New astonishing discovery regarding the TITANIC

Starting off with an exciting new discovery regarding the well-known ship TITANIC; recently a new fact unveiled itself that a book had been written by a well-known American author Morgan Robertson 14 years before the actual incident that more or less ran along the same lines that were faced by the Titanic. The book named Futility or Wreck of the Titan written in 1898 describes the sinking of a ship named TITAN in the North Atlantic Ocean just after hitting an iceberg.

The facts described in the novella are a very accurate description of what happened in reality.  Facts such as:-

  • First of all the huge similarity between the ship names!!!!
  • Both were the largest ships of the time (On paper and in REAL!)
  • Both carried lesser number of lifeboats than required for the total number of passengers on board.
  • The Titanicstruck an iceberg on the starboard side on the night of 14th April, 1912 taking with itself the lives of 1500 onboard passengers; while amazingly the Titan in fiction also struck an iceberg on the starboard side on an April night (more than half of her 2500 passengers drowned)

All these astonishing predictable facts have led people to question the novella written by Morgan but the author maintained that all of this had been possible due to his extensive experience in shipping industry and any relation with the actual accident was purely coincidental.

Still it isn’t every day that a book explains incidents that might happen some years in the future.

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