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Spring Ritual – Girl Scout Cookies

Woven into the fabric of the United States are various rituals and Springtime is a great time to examine one in particular. From the first flowers sending its green above a late snow, the call for pitchers and catchers to report to either Florida or Arizona, to the appearance of Girl Scouts in front of our grocery stores, Spring rituals abound.

The Girl Scouts of America have been standing out in all kinds of weather since the 1930’s. Although selling cookies dates back to 1917 when a local troop baked and sold cookies at their local high school. In 1922, The American Girl magazine, published cookie recipes for use by troops throughout the country. But it was the 1930’s which saw the official selling of cookies and the licensing of two bakeries to fill the orders.

Except for the rationing required to support our troops during World War II, the Girl Scouts have been luring Americans off their New Year’s diets from that point forward.

Whatever your favorite cookie, Samoas, Caramel deLights, Do-si-dos, Trefoils, Cinna-Spins, Savannahs or Peanut Butter Sandwiches, know that the Thin Mint rules them all.

Raising 800 million a year in revenue, the Girl Scouts have built an empire and up to recent times few things have surpassed the Girl Scouts in growth revenue. One such is the legal cannabis industry, which surpassed them last year. Somehow I have the feeling that the Girls Scouts will win over the day just as long as they set up outside the right locations. So if out and about, think of this great Spring ritual and buy a few boxes of your favorite, watch March Madness and the snow melt away.

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