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Donald “Amazing” Trump

I have held back long enough with any comments aimed at Donald Trump “Win,Win,Win” Trump. I don’t know if it was my total lack of interest in what the GOP has given us to look at, or I am finding the doom, gloom, fear setting overall message nauseating. But when I discovered that Donald “Amazing” Trump has acquired 666 delegates, I just couldn’t resist.
dunald-trump-viralcoveDuring my time on this Big Blue Marble, all 59 orbits around the Sun, I have heard repeatedly that the “end is near”, that forces outside our control are sitting at the doorstep of this Country ready to pounce as soon as we let our guard down. T Instilling fear to keep the masses alert, telling them that it is their duty to shut people up for speaking their minds, as much as Donald Trump speaks his. That just over the river are amassing hordes of illegal Mexican people ready to take our jobs. That the federal Government is going to take away our guns. The list is endless and has been played over and over and over for decades on end.

Trumpski viralcove
I am hoping that sensible people in this Nation will somehow prevail amidst all the noise. My recommendation to everyone…shut down the media for a few days, walk around your neighborhoods and see who is threatening you and your family.
I reckon that anyone can make-up fears which any person, could possibly for a time, think them real. But when I look around and turn off the noise of the right and left wings, I see an America I have witnessed for the entirety of my lifespan. It is the same today as it was in 1965 and 1976 and 1988 and you begin to notice that when it comes to Human Nature there isn’t anything new. It’s all been played before and will be played again, even after we depart this mortal coil.
The People of this Nation need to actually become United for a period of time, in order to repair all that is broken. We need to point the finger of blame inward for it is our ignorance which stops growth.

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