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Cora Depressed Shelter Dog Is In For A Happy Ending

The Marin Humane Society recently posted a video of a Chihuahua mix they’ve named Cora that was brought into their shelter reuniting with her puppies. The video has since went viral thanks to the millions of shares it’s received. The dog was dumped by its owner, but when they got her, staff members knew something was wrong and didn’t feel right with the dog given how depressed and anxiety ridden she was. She would sit motionless on her bed, afraid to approach anyone. She was also really aggressive when she first was surrendered to them, so they knew something was off.

After further examining the dog, staff members realized that had just had puppies and that’s why she was so confused, scared and anxious. She was missing her litter! So the staff at the shelter reached out to the previous owner and managed to get them to surrender the puppies over to them so that they can be reunited with the mom. At first the owner didn’t want to but after much convincing, the woman agreed to give them up!

Once Cora was reunited with her babies, her entire attitude changed for the better and the video shows how excited and happy she was to see them again. Her loving and sweet personality was now finally showing as greeted her pups. There’s already much interest in Cora and her pups, but for now, mom and babies will be together until they get a bit older.

This is when Cora was found:

Check out this precious family and their heartwarming reunion in the video below!

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