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Caitlyn Jenner Change Of Hearts with Hillary Clinton!

Ever since Bruce became Caitlyn Jenner, the trending news stories have not stopped coming on her topic. Whether she’s doing it intentionally or not, she’s certainly getting the attention for it. Whether she’s indecisive or merely being hypocritical as the media has claimed her to be is for you to judge on the most recent incident. News of her remarks regarding Hillary Clinton on her 13th episode of I Am Cait have been increasingly spreading after she uploaded a photo of the both of them on her Instagram account shortly after it took place. Could this possibly be a change of heart for Jenner?

caitlyn_jenner_hillary_clinton viralcoveCaityln Jenner has publically bashed Clinton, the former State Secertary and nominee, calling her a “F—ing liar and political hack,” on television. Now, it is her own show, but does that really give her the authority to become a Trump? Caitlyn also previously claimed, “I would never, ever ever vote for Hillary. We’re done—if Hillary becomes president, the country is over.” To our surprise, the photo uploaded isn’t any photo, it isn’t even one suitable to be uploaded at this specific time. The photo features Jenner’s arm around Clinton’s shoulder with a wide smile for the camera. Generally speaking, one does not simply buddy up to someone they had just publically bashed that easily. It shouldn’t be that easy, right? From the outside, we’re only shown what Caitlyn Jenner choses to show us, but is there more to be considered?

Whether or not Hilary Clinton still heard those words of hatred resonating within her whilst she was out with Jenner, we’ll never know, but from the looks of it, both are competing to keep their power through though a partially mutual fan base. We also may never know if Caitlyn Jenner would take them back, but that’s to be investigated possibly in her next episode.

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