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Peeled avocados in plastic containers with cardboard packaging

Let’s speak about packed fruits. By packed, we mean packed in plastic cases or covers. You heard right, plastic. But, what’s all the heat about packed fruits anyway?

Earlier this month, photos of overpriced, pre-packed, pealed oranges have gone viral with bashing, sarcastic comments such as, “Gee, if only nature could’ve thought of a way to protect the fruit without harming the environment.” To give the devil his due, we have to admit it is a lot easier to take the fruit straight out of the pack without the messy that comes with cleaning and eat it straight away. But, one always has to think about the consequences. After news of the packed oranges slowly died down, avocados took the floor.
Now Sobeys, the famous Canadian grocery store, has been offering Calavo’s halved and peeled avocados in plastic containers with cardboard packaging. The heat came back even hotter than that of the oranges previously mentioned. Comments were addressed to the grocery store, stating the disappointment that came with the knowledge of stripping the natural coat of the avocados and replacing it with an artificial waste produce.

o-SOBEYS-AVOCADO-HALVES-570It is said to be quite unnecessary, but unlike the apology offered by Whole Foods for the oranges, Sobeys claimed justification for the incident. In a respectful manner over a comment on Facebook, they said the product was created for those new to adding avocados to their diet for the sake of convenience. Although it does eliminate the guess work and allows a clear view of quality, is it really that hard to figure out your way around an avocado? One can never judge a story without evaluating both sides, but, really, how hard is it to evaluate one’s choices when it comes to this? Tell us now, are you a peeler or are you lazy?

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