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New astonishing discovery regarding the TITANIC

Starting off with an exciting new discovery regarding the well-known ship TITANIC; recently a new fact unveiled itself that a book had been written by a well-known American author Morgan Robertson 14 years before the actual incident that more or less ran along the same lines that were faced by …

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Know Your Belly Button: 10 Bizarre Facts

Belly button is like your own personal scar that everybody has to get when they are born. There are many urban myths about the birth scar that people don’t really discuss or search out for on the internet, they should, it is always good to know. For example did you …

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Top Unforgivable Mistakes Made on Live TV

You won’t believe the unforgivable mistakes people have made on live TV. Scroll the gallery below for details… well let us start with Steve Harvey In 2015 Steve Harvey was to announced Miss Universe winner of the pageant He named Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez the new Miss Universe and there …

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Bizarre Two-headed Cow was Born Alive

A farmer from China was shocked to get a surprise delivery, a two-headed cow that was born alive. When the calf was coming out, the Gan Yuanhua saw two heads and thought they were twins, turns out it was a two-headed calf. Local vet said that the twin-headed cow is …

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For Amazon, Zombie Apocalypse is Official

AMAZON just rolled out a new game engine called Lumberyard to one-up likes of Autodesk Sting, Unity and CryEngine. What’s more, it has a ‘zombie-apocalypse’ clause in it. The powerful online retailer’s take on game development is being packaged with Lumberyard, which allows which supports multiple platforms including PS4, Xbox …

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India UFO: Indian Jet-fighter Shot down a Strange Balloon

A new viral video, recorded from a local news channel, reports a UFO shot down by an Indian fighter jet as it set off a radar alert. According to the news channel, a “balloon-shaped” object was struck down by the Indian Air Force’s Su-30 when it invade country’s airspace near …

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Don’t Dare Get Close to This Huntsman Spider

The 10-second clip was originally uploaded to LiveLeak from where it has CRAWLED everywhere, as this creepy huntsman spider is scaring off everyone. The caption of the video described that it was a huge spider, as big as the hand and it wanted to just kill and eat everything underneath… …

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Shocking: Seagull Eats a Baby Pigeon Alive

Watch the gruesome moment as a seagull made shoppers running scared their when it attacked a baby pigeon and at the bird alive. Passers-by were horrorrified when they saw a defenceless baby pigeon being devoured by a ruthless seagull who repeatedly attacked it devoured in its flesh. According to the …

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