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Pawn Stars Chumlee Arrested!

By now everyone has heard the news that Austin “Chumlee” Russell was arrested last week at his Nevada home. Las Vegas Police executed a search warrant in connection to a sexual assault charge. What they found is more interesting than anything charged against Chumlee. It appears that like every other …

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Spring Ritual – Girl Scout Cookies

Woven into the fabric of the United States are various rituals and Springtime is a great time to examine one in particular. From the first flowers sending its green above a late snow, the call for pitchers and catchers to report to either Florida or Arizona, to the appearance of …

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Marlon Brando and James Dean accused as S&M Buddies

In today’s society, sexual orientation is as open as a book, but in the days of Marlon Brando and James Dean the mere thought on any kind of exposure was death. Death, sometimes not physical, but death in society. Imagine living in constant fear that someone would let it slip …

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Find out why this Oscars 2016 is about Leonardo DiCaprio

The most awaited and highly prestigious awards of the film industry are right up your doorstep. Academy awards more popularly known as the Oscars, are happening on Today February 28th  this year hosted by Chris Rock. Oscars always produce a unique, sensational chill in the film community. This year, it is …

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