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Hero Stops a hit-and-run Car

A latest dashcam video shows a brave man stops a drunk driver of a Porsche fleeing after causing an accident by grabbing keys and stopping the ignition. Michael Scott spotted a collision between a Vauxhall Astra and a Porsche while driving along a road in Birmingham, and noticed the Astra …

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Is This the Coolest Truck in the World?

The SHERP ATV is not an ordinary truck, it is powerful, can force through difficult terrains and even swim in the waters. The Russian-made truck bears a design unlike any other, in which closely-knit huge tyres look like supporting a mini tank structure. This latest viral video proves that Russian …

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Convertible BMW i8 Spyder to Become Reality

All-new convertible BMW i8 Spyder is confirmedly on its way to production lines. The news was announced by the company’s new CEO, Harald Krueger. Originally showcased back in 2012 during the Beijing Motor Show, the convertible version of BMW i8 Spyder concept came fully loaded for sale but due to …

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Herbie, the Love Bug Sold for $86,250

The huge amount of $86,250 is a lot to pay for a 1963 VW Beetle, however, the said vehicle is an antique piece that many rich people would like to decorate their garage with. This Beetle is none other than original Herbie, the love bug. The cute car was recent sold …

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