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Pawn Stars Chumlee Arrested!

By now everyone has heard the news that Austin “Chumlee” Russell was arrested last week at his Nevada home. Las Vegas Police executed a search warrant in connection to a sexual assault charge. What they found is more interesting than anything charged against Chumlee. It appears that like every other …

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Peeled avocados in plastic containers with cardboard packaging

Let’s speak about packed fruits. By packed, we mean packed in plastic cases or covers. You heard right, plastic. But, what’s all the heat about packed fruits anyway? Earlier this month, photos of overpriced, pre-packed, pealed oranges have gone viral with bashing, sarcastic comments such as, “Gee, if only nature …

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Caitlyn Jenner Change Of Hearts with Hillary Clinton!

Ever since Bruce became Caitlyn Jenner, the trending news stories have not stopped coming on her topic. Whether she’s doing it intentionally or not, she’s certainly getting the attention for it. Whether she’s indecisive or merely being hypocritical as the media has claimed her to be is for you to …

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Donald “Amazing” Trump

I have held back long enough with any comments aimed at Donald Trump “Win,Win,Win” Trump. I don’t know if it was my total lack of interest in what the GOP has given us to look at, or I am finding the doom, gloom, fear setting overall message nauseating. But when …

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Cora Depressed Shelter Dog Is In For A Happy Ending

The Marin Humane Society recently posted a video of a Chihuahua mix they’ve named Cora that was brought into their shelter reuniting with her puppies. The video has since went viral thanks to the millions of shares it’s received. The dog was dumped by its owner, but when they got …

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New astonishing discovery regarding the TITANIC

Starting off with an exciting new discovery regarding the well-known ship TITANIC; recently a new fact unveiled itself that a book had been written by a well-known American author Morgan Robertson 14 years before the actual incident that more or less ran along the same lines that were faced by …

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Beyonce Screamed at Jay Z, Is the Famous Couple Breaking Apart?

Beyonce ‘screamed at Jay-Z’ during a hard exchange of words probably over the recent buzz about Jay Z’s alleged love child seeking paternity test The hip-hop mogul has continuously dogged the rumours that his relation with Beyonce is at breaking point because she is now beginning to doubt Jay Z’s …

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