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Donkey Goes Viral After Taking a Leap of Fame

Are you mesmerized by horse racing and wild mustangs? Well, if horses impress you because they can jump high over horizontal bars, this donkey is not standing back. The 14-year-old Egyptian farmer, Ahmed Ayman made headlines over all type of weird blogs when he rode his donkey to jump over …

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Taylor Swift’s Grammy Photo is Trolled by Photoshoppers

Taylor Swift is a sensational singer, with beauty, body and cat eyes impregnated on a diamond face, she is literally gifted with everything. Taylor is conquering music industry, winning all music awards, The Grammys also had no option but to yield. The Blank Space singer won three Grammy awards, including …

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Model’s Photoshoot is Photobombed By Monkeys

Photoboms like these are both rare and hilarious. Model Cecilia Kallin posted a photo of two horny monkeys HAVING SEX behind her during her photoshoot session. Cecilia was in Jaipur, India for a photoshoot with professional photographer Jesper Anhede, who caught the hilarious event on his camera. In the start, …

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Twin Babies with Nothing in Common Bewilder Parents

When the parents get the news that they are going to have twins, it’s already magical enough. However, the surprise just supersized for Kyle Armstrong and Hannah Yarker when they found that their twins are unique. Hannah delivered her healthy baby girls that looked like a mirror reflection of each …

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