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Use this Life-Hack to Remove Stubborn Blackheads

Blackheads appear like gruesome needles pointing up from your nose which can do more than enough to destroy the reputation of your personal hygiene. Black spots actually look good on Dalmatians, but the grease and oil that accumulates on your nose become something like somebody with the very bad type …

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Watch a Massive Wart being pulled out of a Patient’s Foot

A new gross video is sickening the YouTubers, who can’t help watch it. The clip was uploaded by podiatrist Leo Krawetz on his YouTube Channel. The footage contains not-everyone-can-watch moment when an enormous wart is yanked from a patient’s foot during surgery. The three-minute clip shows Dr Krawetz removing the …

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Poor Baby Orangutan Hugs herself because she Misses Her Mother

Little Joss is currently under the care of Borneo-based UK charity International Animal Rescue(IAR). But there’s something wrong with her, she constantly hugs herself because she misses her mother. According to her caretakers, a highly sociable animals like orangutans can show this behavior when they are severely depressed. The caring …

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Is this the Best Weather Report Ever?

Nancy Loo is really a time saver, at least her weather report is. She lose no time on Wednesday morning when she gave the ‘bluntest’ the most authentic weather report, which later became a news itself. The reporter for “The WGN Morning News” show braved icy conditions on Chicago’s Magnificent …

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