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Man Avoid Escalator to Take A Shortcut, Only To Awe in Pain

This isn’t the first time someone has tried to take the quick way down while descending the long escalators on the London Underground. The latest video reveals the painful ending of a man who hurried to get down the escalator by choosing to slide and ends up crashing onto the …

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Shocking Video Shows a Dog Crucified, Tortured as People Laughed

The shocking video of a dog tied ropes in crucifixion manner has emerged on the internet, showing the cruel mob bombarding the helpless animal with cigarettes and shoes The heartrending clip was shared on WhatsApp and Facebook, archiving the event in which poor animal unable to escape from its cruel …

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Guy Bumps his Face Into a Transparent Glass Door, BAM!

The new viral video, caught from the eye of a CCTV camera, shows a guy get floored after hitting his face on a transparent door. This clubber wasn’t really awake to the world around him when he walked straight into the glass door and smashed his face. CCTV footage the …

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