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Donald “Amazing” Trump

I have held back long enough with any comments aimed at Donald Trump “Win,Win,Win” Trump. I don’t know if it was my total lack of interest in what the GOP has given us to look at, or I am finding the doom, gloom, fear setting overall message nauseating. But when …

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Cora Depressed Shelter Dog Is In For A Happy Ending

The Marin Humane Society recently posted a video of a Chihuahua mix they’ve named Cora that was brought into their shelter reuniting with her puppies. The video has since went viral thanks to the millions of shares it’s received. The dog was dumped by its owner, but when they got …

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Spring Ritual – Girl Scout Cookies

Woven into the fabric of the United States are various rituals and Springtime is a great time to examine one in particular. From the first flowers sending its green above a late snow, the call for pitchers and catchers to report to either Florida or Arizona, to the appearance of …

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