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Viral Video Show A 100-ft Wave Hit the Ship

Taveling long journeys in the sea is not everyone’s cup of tea and while some get sea-sickness, the actual terror turns out to be sea storms. Hold your why till you see this latest viral video, because it’s going to raise every hair on your body, you wouldn’t want to …

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Twin Babies with Nothing in Common Bewilder Parents

When the parents get the news that they are going to have twins, it’s already magical enough. However, the surprise just supersized for Kyle Armstrong and Hannah Yarker when they found that their twins are unique. Hannah delivered her healthy baby girls that looked like a mirror reflection of each …

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Is This the Coolest Truck in the World?

The SHERP ATV is not an ordinary truck, it is powerful, can force through difficult terrains and even swim in the waters. The Russian-made truck bears a design unlike any other, in which closely-knit huge tyres look like supporting a mini tank structure. This latest viral video proves that Russian …

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