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Watch this Cute Girl get Scared from the “Shadow Hand”

Trust me we have all gone through this, but we don’t remember it. We also had fun doing this to other children, because it magically works all the time. Not every child easily gets scared from its own shadows, sometimes it takes strange noises and sometimes you must get scared …

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True or Fake? This Snowboarder Spotted a Cigar-Shaped UFO

This snowboarder captured a cigar-shaped UFO in the sky on his Go Pro. The picture soon gets viral as UFO enthusiasts spice it up. YouTuber Shreds1620 was GoPro-ing himself with the help of a selfie stick as he snowboarded down a mountain. In the beginning of the viral video, the …

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Nikon Trolled by Photoshoppers!

Guys back at Nikon were left red-faced after they proclaimed a poorly photoshopped picture as the winner of a photography competition. What’s worse is that the picture was so poorly photoshopped, that anyone without photoshop skills could get the distinction by simply changing the levels. The Singapore-based camera enterprise showed …

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