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Viral Video Shows UFOs Dancing for the First Time

A photo or video of UFO? Nothing new, we agree. But what about a dancing fleet of UFOs caught on cam? Now we are talking. A viral video of UFOs dancing has emerged on the internet. The footages were taken somewhere near Honolulu, Hawaii. The astonishing video was posted on Oct. …

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Scientists Caught a Black Hole Eating a Star for the First Time

For the first time, NASA astronomers have filmed a black hole swallowing a star, a destructive showdown that took scientists months in making. A study was recently published in Science, which claims that authors have not only captured the entire blackhole-star encounter, they also witnessed the hot flare of matter escaping from …

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Why these Floating Cards don’t Fall Down?

We are all fond of card tricks, whether it is DMC performing amazing disappearing card trick or Dynamo’s magical cards that appear out of thin, these play-offs leave us dumb-founded. The latest video is about floating cards, which shows a man twisting his arms around the cards, but to our surprise, …

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This Little Girl’s Heart is Exactly Where You See it

Have ever heard the cliche, ‘Giving one’s heart out?’ Well, this beautiful little angel literally gave her heart out to the world. The poor little Versova was born with a rarest medical condition, which dislocated her heart from its normal position to in front of her stomach, protected by nothing …

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