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How Rich is Bill Gates Really?

Bill Gates is the richest person in the world and he has stayed that way unrivaled for many years. This latest video tries to evaluate how rich is Bill Gates really and you will be amazed by the facts and figures presented by the narrator. For starters, if he’d make …

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Tiny Gymnast Girls Left the Audience Speechless in Awe

She puts her entire weight on the other girl’s leg, who's in turn balancing herself on the girl beneath her.

Gymnastics takes knowledge and strength, and acrobatic techniques that you are about to witness require years of practice. The video comes straight from final rounds of World Gymnastic Battle and these girls secured 3rd position in the gymnastic competition. As the video starts, the gymnast girls enter the arena with a light …

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Why Mr. Octopus is the Coolest Invertebrate in the World

Most of the science readers know the common facts about fascinating animals. Every day, scientists are making new discoveries in the animal kingdom and gathering more information on the previous ones. Octopus is nothing out of the blue to you, but did you know everything about the eight-limbed freak? No …

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