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Crow Gets Away with a Golf Ball

This perfectly-timed picture shows the moment a bird snatched a ball from L’ancresse Golf Course in Guernsey. However, that was not the first time birds have mistaken golf ball for an egg. The recent video shows a cheeky crow stealing the golf ball from the golf course, thinking it is …

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Spitting War: Dolphin takes on a Man

Dolphin is known as the friendliest fish in the oceans. Setting the records straights, it is not a fish… it is a mammal. The difference between fish and an aquarian mammal (like whales, dolphins etc) is that they have lungs and blowholes to breathe air. But most of you already …

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Who Gets the Bed? Cat vs Guinea Pig

This notorious Guinea Pig has taken the bed of a cat. She is not sitting quietly about it, but there isn’t much she can do to convince it to move. Cat desperately dances around trying to move the Guinea Pig, but he seems too much comfortable to let the spot …

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