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Donkey Goes Viral After Taking a Leap of Fame

Are you mesmerized by horse racing and wild mustangs? Well, if horses impress you because they can jump high over horizontal bars, this donkey is not standing back. The 14-year-old Egyptian farmer, Ahmed Ayman made headlines over all type of weird blogs when he rode his donkey to jump over …

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These 40-tonne Humpback Whales Are in For a Show

Two huge humpback whales gave people on this small boat a show to remember, on the other hand one of them got so close it almost overturned the boat. Poeple in the small boat witnessed a lifetime event as two 40-tonne Humpback whales doubled the fun of their cruise by …

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Don’t Dare Get Close to This Huntsman Spider

The 10-second clip was originally uploaded to LiveLeak from where it has CRAWLED everywhere, as this creepy huntsman spider is scaring off everyone. The caption of the video described that it was a huge spider, as big as the hand and it wanted to just kill and eat everything underneath… …

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Shocking: Seagull Eats a Baby Pigeon Alive

Watch the gruesome moment as a seagull made shoppers running scared their when it attacked a baby pigeon and at the bird alive. Passers-by were horrorrified when they saw a defenceless baby pigeon being devoured by a ruthless seagull who repeatedly attacked it devoured in its flesh. According to the …

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Sled Dog Wins Trophy Even Taking a Break for Poop

This Swedish sled dog named Norton is the gold medal winner in the national championships, but the urge to win couldn’t stop him from the urge to have a go-go. The latest viral video shows the short-haired German pointer speeding his 24-year-old owner Cajsa Grape away towards the goal, but …

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