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This Spider Illusion is a Bird’s Worst Nightmare

In the realm of nature, everyone is either a hunter or a prey and survival of the fittest counts the most. Nature has gifted wild creatures many tools for both survival and predation. Some of the hunting strategies among animals are so amazing, they dazzle our mind. Take this spider …

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200-year-old Salamander discovered in China

This rare Chinese giant salamander measure 4ft 7 and is thought to be the oldest living creature on Earth after having reached a lifespan of 200 years. The 200-year-old salamander was discovered by a fisherman in Chongqing district in southwest China, who accidentally walked on the poor thing and realized …

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Crow Gets Away with a Golf Ball

This perfectly-timed picture shows the moment a bird snatched a ball from L’ancresse Golf Course in Guernsey. However, that was not the first time birds have mistaken golf ball for an egg. The recent video shows a cheeky crow stealing the golf ball from the golf course, thinking it is …

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Donkey Gets Arrested for Notorious Behavior

Police were getting calls that a  notorious donkey was on the loose, but when they finally captured the animal they ran out of ideas about what to do with it. The arrest was taken under auspicies of officer Kylie Canaan, and with nothing else coming to the senses, he decided …

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