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Know Your Belly Button: 10 Bizarre Facts

Belly button is like your own personal scar that everybody has to get when they are born. There are many urban myths about the birth scar that people don’t really discuss or search out for on the internet, they should, it is always good to know. For example did you …

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X-Men Animalia? What are those TEETH doing there?

Wildlife researchers were dumbfounded after discovering a mountain lion possessing a fully formed set of teeth growing out of its forehead. The lion was killed by a hunter on last year in December and was pictured with the teeth emerging from the back of its head. Scientists said they had …

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This Can Happen To Your Feet

The featured image gives you shudders, doesn’t it? Just when you thought that the mosquitoes are the most lethal insects in the world, something else crops up. The insects that cause such devastation are called jiggers, a flea-like creature with very dirty habits. They take humans as their ultimate host …

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