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Spitting War: Dolphin takes on a Man

Dolphin is known as the friendliest fish in the oceans. Setting the records straights, it is not a fish… it is a mammal. The difference between fish and an aquarian mammal (like whales, dolphins etc) is that they have lungs and blowholes to breathe air. But most of you already …

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Adele’s Hello Parody Spreads Like Fire

Adele’s Hello has rocked the world of music industry. When it was launched, it made news everywhere and got everybody talking about it. When something gets famous, people create spicy stuff about it. Miley Cyrus is the most targeted internet girl nowadays, but after ‘Hello’ it looks like Adele is …

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Funny Coca-Cola Bear will Make Your Day

We have seen people wearing animal costumes in front of shops for the promotion of their product, but no one has produced something so cute. This Coca-Cola bear is so cute you just want to put your arms around it. The costume is incredibly expressive and funny. Part of the …

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Jennifer Lawrence Pranks the Prankers

Jennifer Lawrence walks out during an interview. Don’t worry, it was just a prank, but nicely done. During a preplanned set up with YouTube team ‘Smash,’ the Hunger Games star took down the anchor by showing that she was offended by his bad humor. To add to the spice, her …

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