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Don’t Dare Get Close to This Huntsman Spider

The 10-second clip was originally uploaded to LiveLeak from where it has CRAWLED everywhere, as this creepy huntsman spider is scaring off everyone. The caption of the video described that it was a huge spider, as big as the hand and it wanted to just kill and eat everything underneath… …

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Shocking: Seagull Eats a Baby Pigeon Alive

Watch the gruesome moment as a seagull made shoppers running scared their when it attacked a baby pigeon and at the bird alive. Passers-by were horrorrified when they saw a defenceless baby pigeon being devoured by a ruthless seagull who repeatedly attacked it devoured in its flesh. According to the …

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Viral Video Show A 100-ft Wave Hit the Ship

Taveling long journeys in the sea is not everyone’s cup of tea and while some get sea-sickness, the actual terror turns out to be sea storms. Hold your why till you see this latest viral video, because it’s going to raise every hair on your body, you wouldn’t want to …

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Huge waves Surprise a Retired Couple

The latest viral video shows a huge surprise waves suddenly a retired couple on the beach side and pulls them off towards the see. In the start of the clip, it looks like an ordinary, silent and harmless beach where a man is sporting to and fro. This part of …

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Ghost Shows Up on Cam, Ghost-hunters Get Hunted

Are ghosts real? Some people believe it, others are skeptical, but all agree that it takes courage to stroll out in pitch-black darkness and such places. Science has nothing to say about ghosts. All those TV Series and clips we see have ambiguity as to what it truth. On the …

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