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Weird Song of the Earth Returns to Bristol

The mystery ‘song of the Earth’ returns. Residents of Bristol, England were baffled when strange hum sounds rocked the skies. In the latest viral video, a resident of Bristol town recorded the mysterious “Bristol hum” that had has a history with the town. The video was filmed on 4rth of …

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UFO disappears into a Vortex Warping Clouds around it

This amazing clip shows a UFO hovering above the Large Hadron Collider situated at Geneva, Switzerland. The eerie records towards the end of its show when it is about to disappear, but does so in a strage way, forming into a vortex before disappearing into a strange whirpool. The unidentified …

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Something Weird is Going on Martian Surface

Science has advanced so much but what the news on our closest neighbour in the Solar System, Mars? We keep hitting new things and we don’t have an explanation. Mars is full of mysteries, we have sent rovers and it is under the Lens of astronauts round the year, but …

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Ghost Shows Up on Cam, Ghost-hunters Get Hunted

Are ghosts real? Some people believe it, others are skeptical, but all agree that it takes courage to stroll out in pitch-black darkness and such places. Science has nothing to say about ghosts. All those TV Series and clips we see have ambiguity as to what it truth. On the …

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Eerie Noises Terrorized a Mexican City

Listen to the strange eerie noises that have caused a wave of terror among people of a Mexican town, who think something haunting and supernatural has been unleashed. In the video, recorded from an apartment in the city of Acatzingo, eerie bone-chilling noises echo through the residential¬†buildings. Local reports say …

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This Forest Fire is Freaking Weird

Forest fires are common phenomena and everytime they happen they cause nothing but devastation and havoc. When a fire is ignited at some point in a forest, it rapidly spreads through the woods and if wind is blowing, you can not imagin how fast it can progress. The fire travels …

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