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Does Google Fortuneteller Really Predict Your Future?

BetaGoogle as Google Fortunetelling

The search engine claiming to predict future, BetaGoogle, has gone viral on the internet as millions of people try to find out about their future. Of course, the facts are the opposite. Using a domain closely related to world’s most powerful search engine and using its fake alias Google Fortunetelling, …

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A Tide of 20,000 Refugees Reached Austria in 2 Days

A stampede of about 20,000 Syrian refugees has arrived in Austria, as Hungary finally allowed them passage to Serbia after locking it down for 5 days.  The border had been sealed for nearly a week and was reopened after negotiations between interior ministry offices of Serbia and Hungary. During the …

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Swedish Police Greeted Syrian Migrants with a Warm Welcome

Sweden Police Welcomes Syrians

A viral video of Swedish police officers welcoming the Syrian refugees has been posted on Doktorn, their official Facebook page. In various clips within the video, 9 different police officers participated and shared their comments to let the incoming migrants know that they are there for them. Police officer Mikael Ericson …

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