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India UFO: Indian Jet-fighter Shot down a Strange Balloon

A new viral video, recorded from a local news channel, reports a UFO shot down by an Indian fighter jet as it set off a radar alert. According to the news channel, a “balloon-shaped” object was struck down by the Indian Air Force’s Su-30 when it invade country’s airspace near …

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Canadian Ex-Defense Minister Says Aliens are Real

This guy used to be the defence minister of Canada and now he can’t stop blabbering about alien, UFO and stuff. According to 91-year-old Paul Hellyer, world’s governments are CONCEALING alien life forms from the human race. Hellyer is calling world leaders to admit the existence of aliens. He claims …

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Is something Sucking Out the Plasma from Our Sun?

UFO hunters has highlighted a strange orb captured hovering above the sun’s surface by NASA’s helioviewer. The viral footage show a perfectly spherical object hovering on the sun’s horizon and conspiracy theorist’s claim that the same object was previously captured with a huge cord attachment that seemed to be sucking …

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True or Fake? This Snowboarder Spotted a Cigar-Shaped UFO

This snowboarder captured a cigar-shaped UFO in the sky on his Go Pro. The picture soon gets viral as UFO enthusiasts spice it up. YouTuber Shreds1620 was GoPro-ing himself with the help of a selfie stick as he snowboarded down a mountain. In the beginning of the viral video, the …

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Shape Changing UFO Spotted in China

Man we are tired of watching UFOs flying by, it’s time for them to land and talk to us. But that, is not going to happen anytime soon. Real or not, the saving grace of yet unconfirmed alien race hovering Earth is they have not attacked us… well, not yet, …

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